Clean-up schema, delete unused property and node types


I have made some typos when creating properties (types) and would like to remove the property types listed in the browser. Is there a command for that?

Also, the schema has some relationships that are not in the graph, but appears in the graph schema. How to clean that up?

I cannot seem to find solution for this documented anywhere - except starting all over again.

br Kirsten

let me try to answer to what I think are two separate issues: the properties in your browser and the links in the schema.
About the browser :
my experience is that the neo4j browser only display the properties keys and the relationships types that are in your graph. The best way to remove some of them from the left panel is to remove them from your data.
Here is how to remove a property :
Here is how to remove a relationship :

About the schema
You said that it "has some relationships that are not in the graph, but appears in the graph schema*.
This is weird and is not supposed to happen.
Have you try running a query to confirm that these relationships are not in the graph ? If so, can you post it here ?

Remove a property only works when at least a node have this property. Is it the only solution to recreate one node using all properties to "remove" them? If yes, what is the best way to have a list of all properties?
I made the mistake to delete all nodes before removing their properties. I have now a mess...

The server caches a list of all properties & relationship types that ever have existed on nodes/relationships. I'm not sure if newer versions are different, but at least in older versions, the way to remove those was to perform a store copy using

Also the functions:
db.propertyKeys() and db.realtionshipTypes() will be of use. Run these before and after the store copy and you should see the properties & relationship types are removed after the store copy.