How to remove Labels without Nodes?

removed all Nodes/RelationShips with "detach delete"
now Desktop keeps on showing my original Labels on Database Information, although no Nodes exist
how to get rid of them other than scratching the database ?
ps apoc.meta.schema() shows the labels, apoc.meta.graph() and does not

Hi Alex,

Perhaps you still have an index or constraint on those label(s). In that case the Label would still show up.


Hi David, that solved it
thought (wrongly) that the detach delete of all nodes would equate to some drop table
Thx, Alex

follow up on Property's
call db.propertyKeys() keep showing property's that no longer exist in the database (deleted all constraints, indexes and nodes)
so how to get rid of them ?

@alex.meyers the underlying metadata in Neo4j does not record a counter of number of nodes per property key and as such even if you delete all nodes/relationships there is no way to then remove propertyKeys()... well of course you could create a new database

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I shoulda anticipated that next question :grinning:

no problem :)
coming over from relational world and just learning