Clarification on Jaccard Similarity Algorithm


I am using the following query with two nodes with names -applicationname and username and they lie within the same level .i.e. they are connected to the same node. Ain't there a similarity between them ?
If yes , why doesn't it show and if not which algorithm and query is suitable to find there similairty.

MATCH (p1 {name: 'applicationname'})-[*]->(cuisine1)
WITH p1, collect(id(cuisine1)) AS p1Parameter
MATCH (p2 {name: "username"})-[*]->(cuisine2)
WITH p1, p1Parameter, p2, collect(id(cuisine2)) AS p2Parameter
RETURN p1.value, p1.apiName AS from,
       p2.value, p2.apiName AS to,
       algo.similarity.jaccard(p1Parameter, p2Parameter) AS similarity

image of the node connection -