Carolyn - Software Engineer in Washington DC, soon to be Lisbon, Portugal

Hello everyone!

I'm a Software Engineer at Hala Systems. We build early warning systems and other civilian protection systems in conflict areas, like Syria. We're transitioning some of our products to use a graph database! Before we do that, I'm researching which graph db option is best for us. We're already using AWS for nearly all of our architecture needs, but we're not sure we want to use Neptune over Neo4j. So I'm here to learn more about the advantages of neo4j vs. neptune and as much as I can about best practices.

I'm currently in Washington, DC, but will be relocating at the end of the summer to Lisbon, Portugal.

Looking forward to learning more from the community. And if you have experience with AWS and Neo4j, please reach out!

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Hello Carolyn, welcome to the forum. Lots of posts on cloud deployment to investigate here.


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I think it would be quicker to get a response by involving a sales rep from Neo4J :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the community Carolyn!