Carina from Planethon AB, Sweden

Hej/Hi from Stockholm!

I am the CTO of Planethon. :seedling: We are part of the neo4j startup program. We are building a knowledge graph that combine data from earth science, new technologies, business assessments and planet champions. The idea is to combine that data into a planet intelligence knowledge graph. We are also building a social graph that connect researchers, entrepreneurs and business developers, advisers and investors.

We have a prototype for web and neo4j and are starting to add tools and intelligence. All guidance of architecture, tools, systems, libraries, languages, models, etc are highly appreciated! :rocket:

Glad to meet you!

Hi Carina!!!!
This sounds awesome!!!
Maybe you want to present on it for the Neo4j Online Meetup??? :smiley:

You should probably follow the GraphAware guys, especially @Christophe_Willemsen. They are Knowledge Graph Gurus. Also, @david.meza01.

Great Karin! Thanks! :pray: