Cannot remove unknown/unrelated nodes, relationships and properties

I'm working on a Neo4J database for a complex project and today I noticed unrelated and unknown nodes, relationships and properties (highlighted with the IA prefix - node labels, all relationships and nodes in the image at the bottom). How could the appear? I haven't created them and I have no application that uses these nodes. The database is store locally.

I tried the command in the image right below and it removed nothing. Any suggestions for how I should do that? This didn't work so obviously it's not the right way to do it.


match (n) where id(n) in[57-126] detach delete n


Hi @iganea9 ,


match (n) where id(n) in range(57,126) detach delete n



not exactly clear to me how we got to

match (n) where id(n) in[57-126] detach delete n;

but the above evaluates to

match (n) where id(n) in[-69] detach delete n;

for it evaluates 57-126 and thus -69. And as id(n)>=0 then a negative number is sure to return no nodes with this id value