Cannot connect neo4j with Mulesoft Anypoint Studio

Using the Neo4j connector in Mule 4 I am able to connect my Mule application to remote neo4j graph database.But when I try to connect my Mule app to local graph in my Neo4j browser I get an error denoting "Connection to remote database terminated.This may happen due to instabilities or restarts to the database.My neo4j desktop version is 4.0.4 and Anypoint Studio version is 7.5. Any insights would be helpful.

Are you using localhost or some ip in your local configuration parameters?

I am using localhost:7474 as Rest Url and localhost:7687 as bolt url in Neo4j connector in mulesoft.

If you point your browser to localhost:7474 do you actually see the neo4j web-interface?

Actually I have set up bolt url to and REST url to in the neo4j db settings .When I type http://localhost:7474/browser I can access database in the neo4j browser.But through my Mule application its having Neo4j connectivity error.Any inputs would be appreciated

I am not familiar with the Mule environment but if localhost:7474 is working then BOLT should be available on localhost:7687 as well.

Are you sure the driver you are using matches the Neo4J database version?

Looking at their docs I see the most current release being 3.0.3 dated Nov 2019. Not sure if they correlate version numbers but seeing the issues you have I would check if it does work with the Neo4J 3.x release if you are running Neo4j 4.x locally.

I will try to downgrade the Neo4j 4.0.4 current version to 3.x and let you know if it works. Thanks for your guidance.I see that I would have to downgrade to 3.0.3 which will delete my current database settings.