Can I track neo4j erros in Sentry?

Hi guys! I was wondering if i can track erros from Neo4J on Sentry.

I'm not familiar with Sentry but here's the link to the documentation for how to monitor Neo4j. If Sentry can consume one of the methods provided, you'll be set. Personally I use the Prometheus method.

Then I'd also check out the Halin tool. Might not be useful for Sentry but a nice tool in of itself.

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Short answer is no; Sentry has a list of supported platforms and integrations. Their focus is heavily on programming language error tracking, and not enterprise software monitoring. While it might be possible to write an unmanaged extension or plugin for Neo4j which would use their java reporting API, if you want to track Neo4j in general, the use of prometheus is the better alternative for 24/7 monitoring, and Halin for checking up on things and diagnosing errors.