User logged in or out of Neo4j captured, in which log file

(Kina Mitchell) #1

We currently use Neo4j community edition version 3.3.1. I wanted to know if there are any log files that displays when a user logs in/out of neo4j on the neo4j server? I know where the log files are location however, all I see are the following daily logs: neo4j.log, service-error.log, neo4j-service2018-month-day.log, and debug.log. I did not find any user log data for either of these files. Any other files I need to look for? My application is on a windows 2012 server.

(Andrew Bowman) #2

You should be able to consult the security.log files. There should be a link in there for file locations if you're having trouble locating these.

(Kina Mitchell) #3

Hi Andrew,
Do I need the Enterprise version of Neo4j because I do not see security.log files on my server?


(Andrew Bowman) #4

That would explain it. Yes, this is an enterprise only feature.