Bulk Import Neo4j 3.5.0 desktop windows

Just installed Neo4j desktop this passed week. I was able to create a graph.db and start it up and browser took me to play screen. Appears I have thing installed correctly.
I've scourged the import documentation and tried several flavors.
Unable to successfully complete a bulk load on existing files. (Meaning I had a colleague sent me his exported neo4j database files. To get a jump start.)

  • The command I'm attempting to run via the windows command prompt in C:.Neo4jDesktop\neo4jDatabases\database-90a638ae-1915-462e-8944-beb1bc456849\installation-3.5.0\import\

neo4j-admin import --f=allfiles.txt (> is my command prompt)

Bulk file: allfiles.txt contains this:
--nodes:Race "race/race_node*.csv"
--nodes:Track "track/tracks.csv"
--nodes:Person "person/person.csv"
--nodes:Team "team/team.csv"
--nodes "race/play_node*.csv"
--nodes:RaceLog "racelog/racelog.csv"
--nodes:Appearance "race/appearance_node*.csv"
--nodes:TeamRace "race/team_race_node*.csv"
--nodes "race/simple_node*.csv"
--relationships "race/simple_relationship*.csv"
--relationships "race/participated*.csv"
--relationships:COMMITTED_ERROR "race/committed_error*.csv"

As you noticed with the *, I have a large number of named files.

Action so far.
0. Deleted grab.db from database folder since this is a new db import.

  1. I've export Neo4j_dir to .Neo4jDesktop\neo4jDatabases\database-90a638ae-1915-462e-8944-beb1bc456849\installation-3.5.0\bin
  2. I added %Neo4j_dir% to my %PATH%
  3. Only way I was successful with the "import" I had to run each node and relationship individually with the import command. NOT how I want to do it.
  4. Attempted to execute the neo4-admin import command via copy paste embedding of the contents of allfiles.txt with it.
    4.1 Tried different escape sequence character from "\ to `" to "\ to ^".
  5. Updated the file to change escape sequence character and even removed them. Due to the console error message it said it could understand them.

IMO - acts like it doesn't know how to parse all the commands individually in the file or embedded in the command line.

Anyone can tell me the obvious thing I'm missing.

The file pattern is a regular expression (regexp) so your * has to be written as .* or better .+

Not sure about the / in Windows but I guess it should still work.
Btw. you have a "Terminal" screen in your Desktop for each database which gives you\bin\Neo4jAdmin.cmd (or bat don't recall) directly.

Good call - one .* made the difference. Thank you.
Once file was updated.

 --nodes:Race "race/race_node.*.csv"
 --nodes:Track "track/tracks.csv" 
 --nodes:Person "person/person.csv" 
 --nodes:Team "team/team.csv" 
 --nodes "race/play_node.*.csv" 
 --nodes:RaceLog "racelog/racelog.csv" 
 --nodes:Appearance "race/appearance_node.*.csv" 
 --nodes:TeamRace "race/team_race_node.*.csv" 
 --nodes "race/simple_node.*.csv" 
 --relationships "race/simple_relationship.*.csv" 
 --relationships "race/participated.*.csv" 
 --relationships:COMMITTED_ERROR "race/committed_error.*.csv"

neo4j-admin import --f=allfiles.txt (Success!)