Browser node click icons


Can someone point me to the icon definitions for the neo4j browser? When a node is clicked, what do the lock and eyeball icons mean? I was unable to find this at the link below. Thanks.


see Browser operations - Neo4j Browser

Expand and remove nodes from the visualization by clicking a node. It gets a halo, 
where you can dismiss a node, expand/collapse child relationships, or unlock the 
node to re-layout the graph. Double-clicking a node expands its child relationships.

Thank you for the pointer. What does ' unlock the node to re-layout the graph mean? Selecting the lock icon does not seem to do anything.

Neo4j Browser version: 3.2.26

Neo4j Server version: 3.5.14 (community)

@dana.canzano Thanks for the reference. Can you define the meaning of unlock the node to re-layout the graph? It does not do anything for me after selecting it. I am always able to move the node around. Thanks.