Bloom Compatibility - This version of Neo4j database is not supported


We are new to the start-up programme and have just commenced our installation.

We are trying to use Bloom, but when we connect to our database, we get the following error message.

This version of Neo4j database is not supported.

We are using Neo4J desktop version 1.2.6 and remotely connecting to a database which is running on Neo4j Server version 4.0.3 (enterprise).

Do I need to change the versions?

I'm a little confused!


Get the same error......... either both of us are missing something, or there is something else going on......


Bloom is not yet compatible with 4.0, we're aiming on getting a compatible version out within April.

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Yeah I figured that out today when I backed out the 4.0 installation and went with 3.5.x.

Ok, but how do I connect my desktop 1.2.6 to a 3.5 database

Are you using a local database or one on a server?

I just had to put the graph database name and the server IP address into the ‘Add Database’ box.

Neil, I figured it out. Thanks