Best practices relationship properties - Retail: Product/Pricelist

(Mattias Olsson2) #1

Hi all,

I'm currently building a concept in Neo4j to store retail data, which in our case (as in most) includes products, articles/variants, stock-levels and pricelists.

A product itself doesn't have a price until it's combined with a specific pricelist and a date (a timespan for which a pricelist is active and valid). A given price needs other metadata, such as currency. I was pondering how this could/should look in a graph database.

My solution is that I have nodes for products and pricelists - where the relationship between a product and pricelist contains the metadata; for example the given price (in its currency) for a specific product that is included in this pricelist.

Does this seem like a good solution, or should a combination of product/pricelist have its own node which contains the pricing?

Thank you in advance,

(Ameyasoft) #2

Please check this article, "Time-Based Vesrioned Graphs":

Very nice article and you can get some good ideas for your use case.