Beginner wanting t test if a Graph database will work for me

Hi All,

I am trying to determine if Neo4j is going to be my solution or should I stay with MSSQL.

Here is what I want the final solution to do.

From an individual user point of view I need to determine which supplier has my item and in stock stat conforms to my bio. That is the following information

  1. He is within a set distance from me
  2. He has the product in stock
  3. Using my bio it conforms to his suggested use parameters .Which is based on Age and Gender

So because he will not initially specify all the suburbs where he distributes to individually, He will choose a main distribution point and say that he services up to 30kms from that point and will specify Male or Female along with a age range.

So i have made the following csv files

  1. Cities names
    2 distances between the cities in kms up to a max of 30kms
    3 User datafile with Name, Gender, suburb and age

  2. cities in Cities file has a id number and name

  3. Distances file has id1 or id2 as the city id and a distance field

  4. Userfile has name, age , gender and City name

  5. Supplier has City name where his hub is at , the radius from there that he services, Product name, Gender for product, Age range for product.

Bear in mind that the supplier can move their place of distribution and that is why i have all distances between all cities and suburbs.

Is it possible for anyone to help me get this data into neo4j so that I can evaluate if this solution will work for me. I have watched videos on youtube but they seems to relate to one csv file with inner joins to make nodes and now I am lost on how to do it with these 4 files

Thank you.