Azure deployment - Q's

What is the generated graphname made from the Azure 'Neo4j High Availability Cluster'-template?
I can't connect to any of the 3 Linux VM's it creates so I try to connect to the graph via my Neo4j Desktop on my windows laptop.

I connect to it via Chrome @ "http://{azureIP}:7474 but this is just the browser. I can't install APOC etc from here.
I therefore attempt to via my Windows Neo4j Desktop app to Remote connect, but this requires a graph name, and I don't know that since it's not a option you type in when you go throught the Azure template. And I can't connect to any of the Linux VM's..


Just over this past weekend Neo4j has placed new entries into the Azure marketplace. The one for "Causal Cluster" replaces the HA entry which will soon be deleted. Please have a look at that one.

We're in the process of updating our website documentation for the new Azure listing, which should be ready in a few days at most. Watch this category for announcements about that, with links to full documentation.

If you're still using the HA entry, to install plugins you need to SSH into the machine to install plugins - but really I'd recommend you have a look at the new Causal Cluster entry.