Astrid, the beauty and graph geek

(Astrid Paramita Mochtarram) #1


I'm Astrid Mochtarram, co-founder of twindly, a beauty recommendation platform focusing on diversity and finding your beauty twins. I've always been fascinated with graph and I've been working in Neo4j for quite a few years now (although only recently did the certification :) ).

twindly is completely powered by Neo4J, as it is one good way to create recommendations even when the datasets aren't big yet.

I am currently based in Berlin, and would love to meet up with other graph enthusiasts and perhaps creating other fun graph projects together especially ones that is aimed to make the world a better place to live ;).


(Michael Hunger) #2

Welcome Astrid,

glad to have you here. Hope to see you soon in #local-groups:berlin :)

Did you ever write up how you use Neo4j in twindly? That would be a cool post. And also how you got into Neo4j + Graphs would be a good blog post to encourage other women founders and engineers to explore something new.

(Astrid Paramita Mochtarram) #3

Thanks Michael!

No, I haven't just yet, would love to! And just saw the link to a guideline for creating blogpost for Neo4J, will look into that as a point of reference :).