APOC installation in Neo4j Desktop

I am using Neo4j community edition, where I couldn't able to install APOC plugin, attached screenshot.

As I am new to Neo4j, kindly guide me to install APOC plugin. APOC plugin install button is disabled

Neo4j Desktop version: neo4j-desktop-1.3.11-x86_64.AppImage
Neo4j version: neo4j-community-4.0.8
OS: Linux (Ubuntu 20.04)


I think somebody forgot to push the latest APOC code yesterday. It's now working. (Same thing happened to me.)

You might have to quit Neo4J and restart it to see the plug in install button.

Even now, its not enabled for me, facing the same issue
I followed the installation steps for APOC,

  1. Downloaded APOC jar from this link (version: apoc- and placed it in plugins folder

  2. Modify the Neo4j Configuration file, present in the location:
    <Neo4j Path>\conf\neo4j.conf

    Uncomment dbms.directories.plugins=plugins
    #allows Neo4j to load this plugins directory to server

    Uncomment and modify as following

     #loads unrestricted and white-listed procedures/ plugins to the server

    Add the following lines


    #Useful for reading and writing data from and to files respectively

  3. Restart the server

but couldn't start the Neo4j server and getting an error saying that

APOC couln't set a URLStreamHandlerFactory since some other tool already did this (e.g. tomcat). This means you cannot use s3:// or hdfs:// style URLs in APOC. This is caused by a limitation of the JVM which we cannot fix.