apoc.cypher.runFile Any output for errors?

Hi there

I'm using apoc.cypher.runFile and it seems that when something is wrong you just don't know it at all, it will returns nothing instead of a summary line for each statement but it's not helpful at all if you have multiple statements in your file.

Is there a way to know what's wrong when executing apoc.cypher.runFile ?
The exact same script works fine on the browser.


Hi Tard!

Maybe checking the logs? spatially the query log, to check in which query is going bad? It is just an idea.

Thanks, never thought about the obvious, but the weird thing is the query itself where all tested and worked fine on desktop.

But there was comments ending with a ; , that was the problem.
So if there is a dev reading this apoc.cypher.runFile crash on a line like this one

// Comment ;

Unlike the browser direct statement input, it won't ignore ; or considerate it as pure comment text