Alex Babeanu - Identity Solutions Architect

(Alex) #1

Hi there,

So a brief intro then, I am:

  • a Solution Architect for Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • a Consultant with Nulli, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada - but with clients in the US too

Wait! IAM?! that's not Graph!
--> Well actually, we've discovered a few years ago that Graphs can help us solve a lot of Access Mgt problems in a wide variety of use-cases.

And above all, I have this feeling that I'm just skimming the surface of what's possible with Graphs! So willing to learn more!

(Tom) #2

Welcome to the forum Alex. I wasn't at GC but I'm looking forward to the video of your talk ! As all of us with a long history in IT know very well, the classical hierarchical (also a graph in fact) structure of access management has broken down / has been broken. Networks (graphs) rule supreme in that area.


(Alex) #3

Hi Tom,
Thanks! And yes couldn't agree more. Alas! LDAP Directories will still be around for the foreseeable future, as far as I can tell - just too many things depending on it. But in time ... :) .

All the best,