After update, all project database are gone

I am new beginner learning neo4j, and after today's 1.49 desktop update, all database are gone .
It took me 7x24 hours to load the database...
And the projects entry can't even be deleted.
The error message as :
Project failed to remove: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory


Hi @cidxbx ,

That is not good. All of the databases should still exist on disk, but possibly the upgrade has failed to migrate some internal accounting of what is where.

Could you share some more details about your installation and what you are seeing? Particularly:

  • which operating system
  • which user and whether the user has administrative privileges
  • what was the previous version of desktop (was it 1.4.8 or earlier)
  • was the data stored on a local disk

While we work together to restore your Neo4j Desktop setup, you can also take a look for the Neo4j databases on disk to see whether you can use them directly. Search your filesystem for a file named neo4j.conf -- that will always exists within any Neo4j installation directory. There is a nearby folder called bin which will have command-line tools for running that Neo4j database. You can open a command terminal and switch to the parent directory of neo4j.conf to run Neo4j manually using bin/neo4j start as described in the Neo4j operations manual


For reference, the specific instructions for manually managing a Neo4j DBMs with command line tools is OS-specific. You can find details for Windows, MacOS or Linux by looking at post-installation steps here

Under-the-hood, Neo4j Desktop is installing and managing plain ol' Neo4j DBMSes for you. The directories and files are exactly as if you had downloaded Neo4j yourself. Everything Neo4j Desktop does can also be done manually, so that's why I'm recommending cli-tools as a fallback position until we have your Desktop working again.


Hello again @cidxbx ,

After some investigation, we can't find a potential cause within the update itself. I'd really like to diagnose the root cause with you so we can improve Desktop's ability to detect and correct problems.

At the same time, if you can find and manually start the databases then we can also create database dumps which could be restored into Desktop, following the re-install instructions in the .


Hello, Mr. Kollegger,
thank you for following up with this issue.

  • op system : Windows 10

  • It 's my own PC, so solo user with administrative privileges.

  • previous version of desktop should be 1.48 (I downloaded in end of September, was not sure the version , but the log shows it was 1.48)

  • The data was stored in local desk.

I am student and beginner with Neo4j , so the whole thing is offline run in the Neo4j desktop.
This problem happened right after the update finished.
And all imported Data are gone.

I know that right away become before update, the Neo4j folder is like almost 30 Gigabyte big, and the data stored in 'D:\Neo4j Desktop\Database\relate-data\projects\

After 1.49 update, the folder of Neo4j is nearly 1.5 Gb. And the project folder is empty.
Also in the Neo4j desktop shows exclamatory mark, and if I try to delete the project, error message will show , suggest that the project not existing.

As you can see, it's not only my projects are gone, the example project with movie DBMS are also gone.

So I am currently import back my N-triple data to the newly updated Neo4j, hoping it won't happen again.

Attachment also logs of Neo4j ,help it can help.
PS: the old log has no info about this problem.
And the log.log has relevant info start with the time stamp [2021-10-14 08:35:47.596]


Andreas Kollegger via Neo4j Online Community <> 于2021年10月15日周五 下午12:34写道:

(Attachment log.log is missing)

(Attachment log.old.log is missing)

Since the attachment got rejected.
Here is the link of Google cloud
of these two log.log.

Andreas Kollegger via Neo4j Online Community <> 于2021年10月15日周五 下午12:34写道:

Hi @cidxbx ,

Thank you for the information and the log files. Unfortunately there is no indication about where a problem might have occurred. This is perplexing.

I'm sorry that this has caused you to start again from scratch. I'll work with the engineering team to try to re-created the scenario so that we could prevent this from happening again.