Accessing to Amazon EC2 instance

I am connected to my EC2 instance using Chrome browser, wanted to clarify, when using the two methods of accessing the Neo4j deployed the database, if using any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc...), one does not need to download and install the desktop version?

Meaning users do not require any download or installation to access?

" Just to review, so far, we have shown two ways to interact with Neo4j.

  1. From Neo4j Desktop, you can open Neo4j Browser. This is done by clicking <your project name> in the Desktop screen, then click Manage on your database.

  2. You can also access this from a regular browser window by typing http://localhost:7474 and signing in with Username: neo4j, Password: your database password (set up in Desktop)

Now that we can access the graph database, we can start working with data using our query language, Cypher."