About the “Add Plugin”——APOC "Failed to find compatible version"

I opened Neo4j Desktop and created my project and database. But when I click Add Plugin, the APOC in it does not show the intall button. Then click the Manage button in the Graph. The Plugins column inside it displays APOC "Failed to find compatible version". Have any partners encountered this problem? Ask for advice! thank you very much

It's ok now.
How to do?
1.Manual Installation: Download latest release
see the Version Compatibility Matrix
for example:download apoc-
4.restart the Neo4j Desktop and you can find the install button in "Add Plugin"

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What version of Neo4j were you using for this database? Desktop shouldn't fail to find the plugin, and this might be something we'd want to report to the desktop team. But yes -- your solution is what we'd advise and will work if Desktop does this.

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1.Thank you very much for your reply! The version of Neo4j Desktop I use is neo4j-desktop-offline-1.2.3-setup, and the version of the graph database is Neo4j 3.5.12. This morning I encountered a new problem. After clicking "Add Graph", the start buttons "Start" buttons are gray, and the database cannot be started.
2.Currently I am reading the book Graph Algorithms by Mark Needham and Mr. Amy E. Hodler, whether the code of "Importing the Data into Neo4j" in Chapter 4 "Pathfinding and Graph Search Algorithm" needs to be used after starting Neo4j Browser ?

After I restarted Neo4j Desktop, this problem reappeared .... Can't solve the problem of "Failed to find compatible version" when installing the plug-in APOC

make apoc-
into D:\Neo4j_desktop\Data_store_here\neo4jDatabases\database-c944836a-bc34-42ce-82ce-b59531860230\installation-3.5.12\plugins

Hi! I have the same problem on installing apoc. Have you solved the problem? Can you tell how to do. Thanks!

I did not use neo4j Desktop to install those apoc plugins. I download neo4j Server and put the corresponding jar file into the specified folder, and modify the configuration file to use it directly on localhost: 7474