Write a query that return that return supplementary relationship between two nodes in neo4j

I have a neo4j db which have this form


A Post (:Node) could have two or more Node (:Friend) connected with it.

I want to write a query that returns this schema


where for (:Post) I need all the post for that specific (n:Friend) . The problem is that not all the (:Post) has connected with another (m:Friend) so, only for some nodes I have (n:Friend)<-[:Tagged_together]->(m:Friend)

I write this code but obviously returns just all the nodes (:Post) for a specific node (:Friend) and supplementary (:Friend) connected with it

MATCH t=(:fbUser)-[:FRIEND]-(w)-[:TAGGED_IN]-(p)
MATCH s=(:Friend)-[:TAGGED_IN]-(q)
     w.name=~ '(?i).*edoardo.*' AND
     q.timestamp=p.timestamp AND

How can I solve the problem ?