Why apoc.coll.reverse deprecated? No option to sort descending in apoc.coll functions?

I noticed that the the APOC reverse function has been deprecated:

I presume there will be an Ascending/Descending option for the various APOC functions? This doesn't seem to be explained in the APOC documentation.

Also, there is an error in the documentation in:

The example purportedly shows how to return sorted Nodes in name ascending order, but the doc forgot to mention that you need to insert ^ before the name property:

so this
apoc.coll.sortNodes(people, 'name')
should be:
apoc.coll.sortNodes(people, '^name')

I tried editing using github page for apoc.coll.sortNodes but I'm not sure how to get to the actual github page with the example text to edit it. (Also, the example out of the box doesn't work with the Movie DB.)