Whether we can store queries in Read Replicas or it requires Core (Write Replicas)?

Hello everyone! I am all new to neo4j.I am have some doubt about the above question.
Let's say, we are writing chyper query. And that query will be used recurring. How we can store query and where we can store the query.
May be that Cypher query will be function or procedure.
Where to write these query, in Write Replicas' or Read Replicas?

Hello Since you are new I would suggest to get Neo4j Bloom license, so that you can save as many queries as you like and run them locally or remotely on Dev/Test/UAT/Live Environments.Once you are sure that queries respond well to user requirements, you can write your own functions or procedures to pass the result to middle layer of your architecture
Thanking you
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Thankyou sameer! I will try doing this way.