Where is <neo4j-home>?

I am trying to locate where tools such as neo4j-admin,cypher-shell and the documentation keeps saying these tools are located in the the bin directory. So i try to locate this directory on my machine and the best documentation i can find about this is here:


It link above keeps referring to ... i cannot find where neo4j-home is...

when i run the neo4j desktop app i see that it runs in C:\Program Files\Neo4j Desktop.. but inside this directory structure there is no bin folder.

any ideas?

neo4j-home is your installation directory: C:\Program Files\Neo4j Desktop.

You can find bin folder in C:\Program Files\Neo4j Desktop\neo4jDatabases\database-xxxxx\installation-3.5.0\bin

Here database-xxxxx is the name of your database that you created.

I have the same question, but for a Linux machine. I have installed Neo4j Desktop.