What size of CPU & and Memory needed for x database size?

Hello there

I'm activity working on a database project right now and I was wondering if any of you have a quick tip about how to resolve the famous question, how much ressources in CPU and Memory I will need for a database of x size or x nodes and relationships?

Is there a tool or rule for that? I have to read the administration course about it but I'm running out of time a bit.

Thank you

I think that is a tricky question which I'd guess will never have a truly definitive answer, but maybe better guesses. You didn't mention properties (on nodes and relationships), if you have a lot, and/or they are big (e.g. strings of unknown length from a datasource), they can add very significant bloat to a database, and would impact memory use.

The nature of any given graph (e.g. average degree? is it one giant graph or many small ones?), and how it is used/searched will impact CPU (and memory) requirements as well.

There are rough guesses you can look at of course, size on disk? This reflects on how much could fit in memory.
How many simultaneous users will there be? What kind of searches are they doing? (e.g. shallow one hop, or deep path searching?)