What is the branching factor of Neo4j?

Only references I can find are the 34B node limit for the database. Are we able to get an estimate for this? Thanks!

Neo4j does a full replication - so each cluster member has a full replica. 34bn is the limit in standard store format. Enterprise edition (which you'll need for clustering anyway) does have a "high limit" store format allowing for 10^24 entities as capacity limit.

Starting with 4.0 you can do sharding, see https://neo4j.com/developer/neo4j-fabric-sharding/.

Do entities refer to relations, nodes and labels? Or just nodes.

In standard store format you have capacity for 34bn nodes + 34bn relationship + 64bn properties and 64k different relationship types.
The 10^24 in high limit store format refers to nodes and relationships each. Not sure about max number of properties.

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