What business applications of Deep Learning and graphs would you like to see (for master thesis)?

(Nelson Fleig) #1


I am planning on writing my master thesis on Neural Networks and graph structures. I have spent now over a month doing some research. Specifically I have been following up on published work from Octavian, Deepmind and Neo4J Blogs.

Because a master thesis at my university is expected to be at least 50% a practical application of the methodologies and concepts I present (i.e. Neural Networks and how they work with graph data), I am looking for some exciting business relevant applications.

From what I have read so far, the research in this field has so far been mostly theoretical. So I would like to ask the community: What kind of applications (domains) excite you about deep learning and graphs? What kind of case studies or application examples would you like to read about?

I am trying to get a sense of where the discussion/interest about these topics are at. I have spoken with employees at Neo4J and they have been awesome with their support. Naturally, I will be sharing my findings with the community. Unfortunately, I am still unconvinced about the application domain to choose from. Any input from the community would be enormously appreciated!!