WANT: growable Browser property view box

If I have a property with a long string, it would be nice if the Browser's property view box at the bottom of the cell was growable. (This is not an issue with Bloom, which has plenty of space to show a big property.)

For example, I added a property "synopsis" to the movie DB. Since the string is very long, it won't entirely fit inside the bottom property viewer. The box is scrollable, so I can eventually see the entire property, but it's annoying to have to scroll all the time.

Hi Clem,

I think the solution of this problem can be solved by modifying the style.grass file in note pad and then dropping it in the browser. But i am not so sure. I was able to change the font of text stored inside the node but not the property values as mentioned in your example. May be some one from @neo4j team can help.