Visualization neovis

I have 900 data with 3 labels: company, jobs and industry. I relation it to a query:
MATCH (c:company), (i:industry), (j:jobs) where AND CREATE (i)<-[:kategori]-(c)-[:menyediakan]->(j)

when I want to display the type of industry with cyper:
MATCH p=(i:industry{jenisIndustry:"Elektrikal & Elektronik"})<--(c:company)-->(j:jobs) return p

the results:

how to make nodes jenisIndustry: "Elektrikal & Elektronik" (red nodes) gathered together??
Does the error in the relation or query display it??


I think the search results are correctly showing multiple copies.

I believe

CREATE (i)<-[:kategori]-(c)-[:menyediakan]->(j)

is creating multiple copies of the node "Elektrikal & Elektronik" (as well as other duplicate nodes/relationships if I understand your goal).

Take a look at MERGE

hello joel,
thank you for answering.

but I want to ask again.
if I want to make a company label with property: business name, business address, company site, work capacity, time of work, benefits, language, uniform.

but I wanta business name, made MARGE, while the other property is CREATE, how is the right clause?