Vishnu from Bangalore, India

Hello Graphists,
This is Vishnu chilamakuru from Bangalore, India. I have around of 8 years of experience most of which is in working and scaling up the things in startups. I am polyglot developer. Also have experience on working multiple NoSql databases. Have decent hands on Search engine development using elastic search, Lucene.

Just started exploring neo4j from last 2 weeks (also completed neo4j certification during this time :slight_smile: ) I am already loving it. So decided to work on neo4j and solve few general e-commerce problems like collaborative filtering, user personnel recommendations, cart analysis etc..

So basically I want to develop project something similar to Amazon Personalize which can solve following things

  1. Collaborative filtering : Take user activity like items bought, articles viewed, wishlist, etc.. and build graph and recommend the products.
  2. Cart analysis : most items bought together, most articles viewed together etc ..
  3. Article or content similarity: Use combination of elastic search and neo4j to solve problem of finding article similarly and collaborative filtering.

Planning to create open source project hopefully on this (in Java ) which will solve basic problems as mentioned above. Would love to get feedback or help from neo4j community on this. Looking forward to enjoy collaborating with community here. :slight_smile:

Hello Vishnu,

Looks like we are building the same thing. I am too currently working on a e-commerce using neo4j. I just finished the user resource including the login. I am also planning to apply content based along with user based recommendations as a side project which is why I primarily picked neo4j for that purpose.
I am using nodejs (express) as backend for the api and maybe vuejs as front-end

Hi babacarcissedia,
Yes definitely like to contribute to the project. Let me know what module or feature you want help.
I may take little time to contribute in nodejs. But should be fine can pick it up.

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OK well then let's do it. I'll share with you my graph model so fare so that we can get started as soon as you are comfortable with it all. Which technologies are you familiar with?
Also did you see neo4j hackathon? I am already thinking about participating