Video and Photo Data Modeling


Has anyone done any modeling on how to include and/or attach photo and video data? I am just curious to see how other have approached including that kind of information in their graph database.

Any links or blog posts would be helpful too.


Hm, interesting question. Do you refer to the metadata of these artifacts, or the pictures,videos itself?
For the second, I would store s3 links.

Don't add large chunks of blob data to the graph as property values. This is IMO one of the few anti-use-cases for graph databases.
Instead store the binary information somewhere e.g. AWS S3 and habe a node representing that photo/video. That node contains the S3 URL as reference and potentially some meta-data as well (size, qualitiy, codec). Using relationships you can then amend stuff like tagging, comments, ownership, permissions, ....

Yeah I think it would obviously make sense to store a links to the photo/video on a node and some meta data to help identify the video/photo. So that make a lot of sense. Thanks!