User/App monitoring


Could you please share Neo4j's terms of Real User Monitoring or Application monitoring, if any, when using Neo4j products including the community edition? In other words, do Neo4j products collect or send feedback about their performance to a location outside that of the machine where it is installed?


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We are building currently on a NEO4J monitoring collector. Which will all real-time views and collect historical information & incident management. Its still in a building face but if you are interested. You can contact me. Coen Verheijden (

Sorry, neither of these replies address the question. The question is not about Neo4j Administration or an ongoing project on monitoring.

Let me try to rephrase:
Do the products have work online/offline mode wherein with online mode there is data transfer/feedback about the user activity or product performance communicated outside of the user's network? In that case, with offline mode, I'd expect there is no feedback.



Can someone from the core developer team reply?

Any official Neo4j comment on the Usage data and its harvesting will help with the Neo4j adoption in our team.

Found my answer from these locations:

  1. Disabled Usage Data Collector (UDC) still sending data · Issue #2632 · neo4j/neo4j · GitHub
  2. 3.6. Usage Data Collector - Chapter 3. Configuration