'unknown tzid' error with Gds.graph.list

I face the same problem as described in this post, though the solution didn't work for me: Failed to invoke procedure in browser

I'm using a laptop that is not connected to the Internet, running Neo4j version 4.1.0 and neo4j desktop 1.3.4.

While I could do a native or cypher projection just fine, I get the following error message while trying to run gds.graph.list or gds.graph.drop:

"Failed to invoke procedure gds.graph.list: Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: unknown tzid 'GMT+08:00'"

This procedure works on my other (Internet connected) laptop with the latest version of neo4j desktop and GDS installed, so I wonder if it's being offline that is causing the issue. I've also tried the solution proposed in the other post, by setting 'db.temporal.timezone = UTC', but the problem remains

Hey @wanderingcatto ,
could you try if the newest GDS version works on your offline laptop?