Understanding high availability and cluster installation in neo4j

I am quite curious about high availability in neo4j.
Till now i have worked on single node cluster installation but in case if i want to utilize cluster capabilities and maintain high availability then what should be the way ?
if somehow my server goes down on cluster how to manage it

Yes there is clustering availability to provide redundancy in case of environmental failures and load balancing to scale up if you need it.

How it works ?
could you please give me a example of that ?

There are two types of clustering in Neo4j: High Availability Clustering and Causal Clustering. Causal Clustering is recommended for most clients and is more adaptable to an organization's changing needs.

Both types of clustering maintain the complete database on every server, regardless of their role. In other words Neo4j does not do 'sharding'.

The documentation for Causal Clustering is very good. This link may be the last stop you will need in your quest:

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