Unable to use Graph Gallery Play as Browser Guides

Remote guide error

Error: Hostname is not allowed according to server whitelist
is the only response I get

You are blocked by a firewall that has whitelists for allowed sites.

thanks for the quick response
what app do I allow thru the firewall?
Windows 10 - defender- avast

It is the Neo4j whitelist
Add to Neo4j config:

We are getting ther. I changed the config file for every database in Neo4J desktop and the server folder as well. But I can't launch an example with the Play as Browser Guide Button in the Neo4J Desktop. I can run the examples by cutting and pasting from the source page information, whic by the way has a typeo in the run on console link (:playhttps should be play https)
I guess I'm not understanding how the Desktop communicates with the Community Server?

I couldn't get it to work from the desktop either.