Unable to set parameters for queries using docker


I've been trying to set a parameter to use in parameterized queries using docker, my first approach has been to set a volume to bind the conf folder and place a apoc.conf where the following configuration is present:

apoc.initializer.neo4j.0=:param tv_show => "TV Show"
apoc.initializer.neo4j.1=:param movie => "Movie"

What happens is that the code above is not a valid cypher code and because of that I get an error:

Invalid input ':': expected  ...

I would like to set the parameters just once and without using the Neo4j Browser.
I've been searching for a workaround but I don't happen to find anything.


I don't think that parameters are supported there only literal cypher queries.
I think you should be able to use apoc.cypher.runFile though

You can probably easier connect to your started instance using cypher-shell and run an init script from there.