Unable to establish remote connection : Neo4jError: WebSocket connection failure

Hi All
I am using neo4j 4.2.6 running on different server, It was all running fine and i am able to connect it from my PC using neo4j desktop, but now suddenly, its giving me error as below when i am trying to connect it

Unable to establish remote connection : Neo4jError: WebSocket connection failure. Due to security constraints in your web browser, the reason for the failure is not available to this Neo4j Driver. Please use your browsers development console to determine the root cause of the failure. Common reasons include the database being unavailable, using the wrong connection URL or temporary network problems. If you have enabled encryption, ensure your browser is configured to trust the certificate Neo4j is configured to use. WebSocket readyState is: 3.

Went through all the solutions provided but alll are in vain. Please help on this.

I have the same problem!

Did you ever find a solution?


Please make sure that latest security patches for server OS are in place and in proper order. Otherwise the server will crib about the exception pasted above.

Thats it admin
Sameer G

I am also getting exactly the same error while connecting the neo4j browser on gcp.
Did anyone find the solution?

May be the port of DB is not open for access. You will need help of sysadmin for firewall port opening.
Thanking you
Sameer Sudhir G