Unable to catch TransientException


I have facing a issue when I am trying to catch TransientException exception for below code:

StatementResult result = runQuery(sb.toString(), entity.getAllProperties());
Record record = null;
try {
int retryCnt = 0;
while(retryCnt++ <= MAX_NEO4J_RETRY_CNT) {
try {
record = result.single();
}catch (TransientException e) {
if(retryCnt >= MAX_NEO4J_RETRY_CNT) {
logger.warn("Giving up entity query " + entity.getSureName() + ", after " + retryCnt + " retries");
throw e;
logger.warn("Retrying Entity query for : " + entity.getSureName());
try {
} catch (InterruptedException e1) {
}catch (NoSuchRecordException e) {
return entity;

record = result.single(); throws TransientException and the above code catches it. However retry code never gets executed as I don’t the log messages. Attaching the exception trace, I can see that TransientException is getting suppressed. Can you please help me if there any other way to handle this exception.

Neo4J.txt (7.6 KB)


I changed the catch to handle all Exception than also retry code is not executed. Can someone please help on how to make this work.


I don't really see how the code you share matches the stack trace you provided.
In particular:

org.neo4j.driver.v1.exceptions.TransientException: ForsetiClient[70] can't acquire ExclusiveLock{owner=ForsetiClient[9]} on NODE(107292252), because holders of that lock are waiting for ForsetiClient[70].
 Wait list:ExclusiveLock[
Client[9] waits for [14,70]]
	at org.neo4j.driver.internal.util.Futures.blockingGet(Futures.java:123)
	at org.neo4j.driver.internal.ExplicitTransaction.close(ExplicitTransaction.java:117)
	at com.nokia.mdf.sure.neo.repo.ScopingDataSourceImpl.endTransactionScope(ScopingDataSourceImpl.java:199) <------- your code ends here
	at com.nokia.mdf.sure.neo.repo.SureDBN4jCommand.executeWrite(SureDBN4jCommand.java:121)
	at com.nokia.mdf.sure.neo.repo.SureDBN4jCommand.execute(SureDBN4jCommand.java:222)
	at com.nokia.oss.sure.proc.init.NeoExecute.execute(NeoExecute.java:27)

What's happening at com.nokia.mdf.sure.neo.repo.ScopingDataSourceImpl.java on line 199?
Is it surrounded by a try-catch block with TransientException?