Unable to bring Neo4j 4.2.3 up

I upgraded my Neo4j from 4.0.26 to 4.2.3 and followed all the steps
I am getting error while bringing up the application

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Failed to create temporary file for /com/sun/jna/linux-x86-64/libjnidispatch.so library: No space left on device

Although I am enough space in /tmp folder and databases folder

Ouch, sorry about that.

@angelo.gazzola Is this part of installing runtime dependencies on linux?

@intouch_vivek Are you running in a VM or a physical machine? I'm curious just because it may change the approach for resolving the problem.


Hi Andreas,

I am using physical machine.
I already restored my DB in 4.2.3 and I am free space with the size of my graph.
Do you feel i need to have more free space?

It's difficult to say, generally. Disk utilization will vary with the database and usage patterns -- it could be large properties, lots of indexes, or even log files.

It's worth using a monitoring tool to watch the disk utilization.

Something like Halin is a convenient place to start if you don't already have a preferred system monitoring tool. Try: Halin - Neo4j Monitoring Tool - Neo4j Labs


Not really sure what's going on or what OS is this, but just as a note, the /tmp directory is in many Linux distributions a separate filesystem residing in RAM. You can check with df -h to see how much space you have available on all mounted filesystems.

OS is Unix
Are you sure it is looking for /tmp free space. If yes please let me know the calculation for free space requirement in /tmp folder?
I am able to bring 4.0. 11 with same / lesser space

Solution is less space in /users directory

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