Trying to determine if functionality exists in Neo4j Bloom


I am using Neo4j Bloom to graph the hierarchal nature of some metadata. I have constructed a search phrase that queries the database and returns two nodes, connected by a virtual relationship, and a property that aggregates the count of relationships in their respective child nodes.

My question is whether it is possible to select a node and pull back the same information I mentioned above for all of the direct child nodes? So I guess my question boils down if I select a node, can I use the outputs of that particular node to parameterize a query that bring back other virtual relationships directly on the screen (without typing another search phrase).

I apologize if this question is poorly worded. This is a rather specific question that I had wanted to ask in order to understand Bloom's capabilities.

Hi Sagar,

Welcome to the community! Unfortunately it is not currently possible to select nodes & use their data as input to custom queries in Bloom. This is a really interesting idea and we've been considering a a few features that might serve your use case, though - so it's certainly something we may add in future.