Transferring a Database from macOS to a Deployed Neo4j Instance in GKE

I've been working with Neo4j Community Server V.3.5.20 for a bit now. I've written Java code to access and query the database. All seems to be working well.

My research team is moving to the GCP environment, GKE in particular. We've deployed an instance of Neo4j V.4.02. Now, I would like to move the data (/data/databases folder) in my database and its configuration file to the deployed Neo4j instance. I have access to a Google Cloud Storage bucket. Is there a recommended method to move theses into the GKE instance?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Just a note, it looks like you are also upgrading to 4.x. I would suggest keeping those two separate steps, an upgrade and a transfer. It should make it easier to debug if any issues arise with either step.

I don't know if there is an established guide for moving to GCP, there might be so I'll wait for other's to respond on that.

I agree, I should use V3.5.20 of the database in GKE to help reduce the challenges that lie ahead, as you suggest.

Thanks for the help.