Too slow by rest api


i have problems about performance of rest api
i use this query "Match n return count(n)" .

when i run it from neo4j browser, it says process completed in 1 ms
when i run it from rest api like that, it says process completed in 300 ms.

"MATCH (n) return count(n) ",

my all queries which use rest api is too slow. i cant find source of problem.
there are 100.000 nodes and server version is 3.5


Hello, The programming language you use or the tool, for example postman, could add latency time.


Also the REST API is deprecated. We do not recommend using it.

i tested with bolt protocol. it is same.

is there any important point which i need to focus ?

Bolt protocol from the same machine or a different one? And which driver is being used (type and version)?