To delete the data of one specific label from backend

Hi team,

Is there any procedure to delete the data of 1 specific label from Neo4j DB from server end ?

That label contains 2 Crores nodes.

Please Note - I am already using the query delete query in iterate but it is taking lot of time.( 5000 records in 30 min. )


Hi @akshat.mittal

5000 Records in 30 min, somethings might be wrong with the way you used the driver on your server. Are excuting this in Neo4j Browser or in your own website backend?

Hi tard,

Thanks for the response.
I am executing the query using cypher-shell from server command line.


Usually it's simple as:

MATCH (n:Label)

Can we have more info about the query you are using?

As @tard.gabriel said, can we have a bit more info?

If you are looking to delete NODES from the database, then follow his code.
If you are looking to remove a LABEL from nodes, but keep the nodes in the database, then use:

MATCH (n:Label)
REMOVE n:Label

If you want something else, again, please elaborate.