Thomas Silkjær, technology hobbyist from Denmark

Hi, community!

My name is Thomas Silkjær, I’m a graphic designer and software developer from Aarhus, Denmark. My work in data analysis is a personal interest of mine, but I have been experimenting with a lot of different technologies, programming languages, query languages, e.g.: NLP, machine learning, BigQuery, big data analysis, big data visualisation and much more.

My interest in graphs comes from my passion for the technological breakthrough of blockchains, especially XRP (Ripple), the “Internet of Value" and the decentralised ledger technology behind it. I am currently working on representing the complete payment-side of the ledger in Neo4j.

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Welcome Thomas,
I was really impressed by your graph visualization posts so far and am looking forward to all the awesomenes you'll show with Neo4j.

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Hi Thomas!!!!! :wave: