The Travelling Salesman Problem with Neo4j


(David Barton) #1

Hi Neo4j Community,

Inspired by a problem posted on Stack Overflow, I've spent a little time looking at how the Travelling Salesman problem can be solved with Neo4j. The results of these efforts is a blog post available here.

It uses the Bath Christmas Market as the domain, and looks at two use cases:

  1. Finding the optimum Route through the Christmas Market given a set of chalets to visit.
  2. Visualize Route: Given the optimum route, provide a user friendly visual of the route.


(Michael Hunger) #2

Really cool, thanks a lot David!

Do you think you could cross post your GH readme to Medium? Then we could either add it to the Neo4j publication ( or you could even submit it e.g. to TowardsDataScience or FreeCodeCamp?

(The Graph Giraffe) #3

Thanks for submitting!

I’ve added a tag that allows your blog to be displayed on the community home page!

(Michael Hunger) #4

Btw. I found this presentation from KotlinConf really cool and always wanted to reproduce it in neo4j/apoc but never found the time:

(David Barton) #5

Thanks Michael, and thanks for the link to the KotlinConf presentation.

I have added the post to Medium -

Importing markdown to Medium proved a bit tricky. For anyone else trying to do the same, this link was helpful.

(Michael Hunger) #6

Hi David, I added you as a writer to if you want to submit your article there.

Otherwise, for more reach of readership, I recommend or