Supply Chain Problem - Graph Model

Hi Everyone,

I am very new to Graph DB and I am coming from a relational DB background.
I am working on solving a Supply Chain Problem which involves Time Hierarchy, Product Hierarchy and Supply Chain network for a horizon of 24 months. This involves lot of calculations which have to be performed back and forth while traversing the different paths of Supply Chain network. This whole network should also have BOM Data, Raw Materials , WIP etc.

With my understanding I started with a graph model after going through the training material available. But as I progressed I started facing some issues as the no. of relationships between the different nodes in my graph increased.

Below is the structure that I came up with my team, where each Node is a combination of 3 labels: Storage Node, Month , Product and relationships as the interactivity between the different network of supply chain. And performing the calculations and storing it as properties of these nodes started facing some challenges.

Below graph is for 1 Product Hierarchy but all different months are connected and also different network of Supply chain.

It will be very helpful if anyone can suggest an optimal Graph Model which would help us solve the SC problem using the Graph DB. As still its confusing to understand should Product be a separate node or the Months should be a part of relationship property etc.

Any approach that I should follow or any other suggestion will be really helpful too.

Thank You