Suicide Prevention Social Network-like web site seeks Neo4j expertise

I am developing a non-profit suicide prevention social network-type website specifically for the highly at-risk global population of LGBTQ Mormons (Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). The vital core of the site will be the Neo4j database which will securely collect, store and rapidly retrieve site members’ data submitted through our 45 HTML5 web form questionnaires which have about 640 questions and about 1550 possible responses/inputs. While the data will first and foremost help at-risk individuals find and connect with others through the social network aspects of the site; the project will also serve as a long-term survey producing potentially lifesaving and culture changing data. The collected data will be searchable and displayable on our site in three formats: GIS maps, Personal Profiles, and eventually as graphs, charts and timelines. A key challenge will be allowing each site member highly granular privacy settings for each piece of their submitted data while still making anonymous aggregate data available.

In November 2020, I posted a Job Post on the Jobs and Opportunities board as well as several other tech-help-wanted sites but have had literally no qualified applicants. Any guidance or suggestions on how to get the database for this project developed – specifically how/where to hire a well qualified and reliable Neo4j developer who can create the database and connect it to our existing web forms will be GREATLY appreciated. Any guidance regarding estimated costs for Neo4j database development and annual maintenance and hosting would also be extremely helpful since this is a largely self-funded project, but it seems I may need to do some serious fundraising because of choosing the Neo4j vs MySQL database.

Comments below are welcome or better yet, I can be reached at

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