Storing large list of values in property of nodes

Hi All,
I have a large set of company names which I need to store in graph data base. The count of company names can be considered as 1,00,000 for now and which may increase overtime.
For now I have created a node named 'company' with 88 company names in the property of that node as list. Is this the right way to store multiple company names in a graph database? I am worried because the number of company names may increase to more than 1,00,000 and further.
What is the best way to store the company names in graph database so that my fetch query would be faster and give better performance?
Note that my graph database has other nodes and relationships connecting to the company node.

Please help me on the best way on how to store so many company names in a single database without impacting performance.

You need to store each company as a separate node with property 'name'(or anything you prefer) and node labelled as 'Company' .
Do you have any other node types in your graph?

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Yes I do have other node types as well like the company node.

ok , try to design in such a way that each entity is considered as node type and each node will have a unique property which is company name in case of company node

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So that means, for each company name I will have to create a single node with name property as that company name. So say for 50000 distinct companies I will have 50000 nodes of type company. Right?

That's how you would ideally design a node in graph.

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